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There’s possibly nothing more important for the health of your grass than proper lawn fertilizing and pest management. Creative Lawn & Landscapes provides professional fertilizing services and pest management services to clients throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs. If you want to see your grass grow to a lush green this summer, then look no further than us!


Turf fertilization allows vital nutrients to reach the base of your grass’ roots. Using the proper fertilizer is extremely important because different products work better in different climates. With our experience, Creative Lawn & Landscapes uses a specially-developed formula that ensures thick growth for the Minnesota environment. Also, our experts are able to spot problem areas that may need extra care and attention.

We also provide fertilization services to help trees grow. A very important part of tree health is proper fertilization, and Creative Lawn & Landscapes provides the best tree fertilization services in Minnesota. Fertilizing your plants and trees will ensure a longer life and healthier look. It helps the tree naturally repel harmful insects and other intruders, sturdies the trunk and allows the roots to grow deeper. If you think your trees need some help, then we’re your team.


If you live in the Midwest, you undoubtedly know what the pests are like. Weed control, thatch removal, disease prevention and fungus monitoring are your biggest friends when trying to cultivate a healthy yard in Minneapolis. Creative Lawn & Landscapes provide each of these services, as well as many more to ensure a healthy and clean landscape, free from pests.

Whether it’s for your turf or your trees, fertilization and pest control are two of the most important aspects of your lawn care regimen. If you’re finding that you don’t have the time or resources to take on your entire yard by yourself, then give Creative Lawn & Landscapes a call now. We have our professionals standing-by ready to help you with and fertilization needs that you may have. Contact us today!


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