Watering requirements’ for all new plantings: keep the roots moist. First week after planting, water/rain daily. Avoid watering at night, early day is best. Plants do need the ability to dry out as the day progresses to avoid disease/fungus growth. Water the ground, not the leaves. Back off after the first week to every couple days, weather dependent. If the temperature is hot, water daily.

The leaves on all deciduous plants-trees, shrubs and perennials, will become droopy if plant material is dry, water thoroughly. Continue this watering schedule until the first frost. Do not allow the planting to be dry at frost time or the plant will stress during the dormant months.

Conifers have plant damage quicker than deciduous. Keep all conifer roots moist throughout the first 2 years growing season. Water up until the first frost to ensure a healthy conifer the next growing season. Dry roots will not be apparent until the plant is dead.

Sod must be watered daily until you cannot pull up-gently!-the laid sod. After the roots have taken, water every couple days, weather and temperature dependent. Hot days require more watering. Continue this watering schedule until the first frost. Do not allow sod to dry out. New sod is best laid in the early spring or fall. Try to keep off the sod.

Seed must be kept moist/damp throughout the growing season. A very thin layer of black dirt must cover the new seed. Do not saturate the seed, but keep the ground moist at all times. Keep off the seed throughout the season if possible.

New planting and turf do not require fertilizing when first planted. A couple of weeks after planting, you can give phosphorus only, but do not apply after August 1st, the plant will want to grow when it should be getting ready to go dormant.

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