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Creative Lawn & Landscapes offers retaining wall construction to those in the greater Twin Cities area. We are Minnesota’s premier landscaping company, offering full-service landscape design and lawn care.

Retaining walls are a functional and versatile element within your landscape design. They provide flat ground on a slope, allowing you to plant a garden, or giving you space for outdoor activities. A retaining wall gives you the power to lay mulch or plant a garden, helping to transform your yard into the landscape design of your dreams.


We specialize in several types of wall construction, including segmental retaining wall systems. Segmental walls are withheld by their own weight, the ground and a set of interlocking stones for stability.

A popular form of segmented wall we build is free standing walls. We construct these for customers in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. Freestanding walls differ from other retaining wall systems in that they don’t support land or create a flat surface on a slope. Instead, they’re accentual elements that allow you to add a nice hardscape element into your landscape design. They look great lining driveways or patios and provide privacy and beauty.

Gravity walls are another segmented installation method we offer in our retaining wall designs. Being dry-stacked, this type of wall uses mechanical interlocking and gravity as a means to maintain its form. Applying a solid backfill ensures the proper distribution of mass to prevent sagging and sliding. These bricks are set in a trench to achieve maximum balance and hold.



At Creative Lawn & Landscapes, we don’t want you to have any issues with your landscape design. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that without a proper drainage system for your retaining wall, it will fail and cause a huge mess. It doesn’t seem like an important issue up front, but when construction is complete, you’re going to want a system in place to maintain the elements in your yard. Our process ensures that your wall won’t tumble down and your plants are receiving the right amount of water.

Nothing provides more curb appeal than an attractive wall made out of natural stone. That’s why Creative Lawn & Landscapes gives you options in stone design. Whether it’s flagstone, granite or brick, we’ll find the option that fits your style and will impress the neighbors.

If you’re thinking about adding a retaining wall to your landscape, then call the pros at Creative Lawn & Landscapes. We’ll assess your needs and make the best suggestion as to what type of wall will suit you and your family best

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